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Pretty generic

The storyline seems pretty typical, and the audio was abit off. That's about all I can say.

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It's really good for a trance song, but it feels more like trancecore. Maybe you should pump up the BPM a little more, and maybe it will become so. Other than that, good job!

MSXOmega responds:

Thanks, I'll try that.


Lol, 8-bit Hardcore Gabba.

Wow, pretty cool

The song starts off really weird, like some kind of DnB song, and weirdly after that, turns into speedcore, but then it turns into a really cool and laid back electro house kind of music. I just love e-house. Though the transition just isn't there, but w/e. Sometimes it's just impossible to do, unless you have some songs that occur between different parts.

Respect, yo.

Oh yeah, and greetings from FFR.

customstuff responds:

Thanks, I will honestly say that I didn't try as hard as I could have, but I would try harder if someone would get a song in FFR. :D

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Good details, bad proportions

I'd have to start off by saying that she looks slightly unusual. I thnk there's something odd about her face and her upper body. They just don't seem right when I look at them.

The details on the other hand are pretty neat. They look like a color pencil sketch + shading and shadows. But speaking of shadows, I think you didn't place a static light source. Shadows don't seem to be consistent An example can be at her left calf. There's shading on her calf, but not the opposite side. That's pretty strange. The shading on her shirt is noticeably much darker than the rest of the shadows.

Overall, the details are fine, but the drawing needs a little work.

Hello, hello there. My name is Hakim. I am a student currently studying film in Singapore. I have this extremely deep and bassy voice which I discovered by accident. Please feel free to hit me up with any of your projects needing such talent!

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